The Mission

When I started my Resume Writing business in 2016, I felt really alone and confused about how to be a part of this industry. Googling results in over 75,000,000 links, most of which don’t really help, and although my clients were loving my work, I didn’t know if I was “doing it right”.

Establishing Resume Writers Australia has been about helping the people who are where I was, almost 5 years ago. RWA is an open and inclusive community where you can:

  • Join our FREE Community (on Facebook)
  • Become a Certified RWA Member
  • Join the membership that provides professional development workshops for all things resume writing and running your business, mini-courses and discounted access to Resume Academy – a vault of professional development and business start up courses, resources and support.

The Mission

Here’s the juicy part: Resume writing in Australia is unregulated. This means that literally anybody with a laptop and Microsoft Word can start offering resume writing services – and get paid.

I love what I do, and I hate seeing resume writers get a bad reputation (as an industry) because of the lack of standards in our industry. Resume Writers Australia’s mission is simple: To set, and raise, the bar for standards of resume writing in Australia – through education, support and certification.