Your business start up course to become a Resume Writer and run your own business from anywhere in the world.

A comprehensive start up course 

Resume Academy will walk you through your business set up, including logos, branding, websites, buying a domain and getting your processes and systems in place. You will learn exactly how I created my resume writing business, with the wisdom of having been in this business for over 5 years.

How to write amazing resumes for your clients

An entire module is dedicated to the technical writing knowledge required to deliver an excellent resume service. I also teach you the RWA 5 Step writing process that has supported me to run a thriving resume business around my family without the burnout.

How to sell and market your services 

I hate being "salesy", so it's important to me that I don't feel like I'm constantly selling. I will walk you through my marketing strategy and how I have maintained a booked out service, calling in easy and interesting clients who WANT to work with me with ease.

How Resume Academy® can prepare you for business life

Application of the concepts and teachings in Resume Academy will allow you to...


✔️Know how to write interview winning resumes for your clients and confidently give advice about application documents
✔️Offer a suite of services that provide a holistic job application service and create confidence for your clients
✔️Be a beacon of light for your jobseeking clients who want to feel confident in their job search endeavours 


✔️Have clients knocking on your door without spending a cent on advertising ✔️Successfully grow your business through word of mouth and effective networking
✔️Confidently own your place in the industry and be known for your service
✔️Add service bundles and new offerings to increase your income and your impact


✔️Be confident in your service and your offers so that you can overcome fear, judgement and comparison and get on with running your business
✔️Understand your client lifecycle and effective writing process so that you can work smarter, not harder

An all-inclusive, business in a box solution

Everything you need to start your resume writing business including templates so that you can start serving your clients and earning an income straight away. 

Over 40 lessons that you can watch anytime

40 lessons over six modules that you will get lifetime access to. Resume Academy continues to grow and evolve as our knowledge and expertise does, so you will never have to upgrade for the latest information. It's yours to access forever, so you can revisit anything at any time.

Access to the exclusive Facebook Group

Join the group on Facebook to ask questions of our tight knit community. We will be your biggest cheerleaders, and you'll join a group of like-minded individuals on your business journey. This is also where the live Q&A style sessions will be streamed during a live round of Resume Academy.

If you're ready to start your business, you've come to the right place today - I have so much to share, and I teach from experience.

I was sitting on my couch feeding my four week old baby when the idea came to me.

Let’s start from the beginning:  Five years ago, I started a resume writing business with a $400 laptop, a newborn and a very busy toddler.

With no HR Qualifications or a business plan, I placed an ad on Gumtree (an online market place) and hoped for the best.

Over the years, I have learned a lot - and, most of the time, learned it the hard way - and yet I have grown a successful career development service that has allowed me to quit my day job and work from home in a few hours a day. I earn more than enough to support my family (now four children!) and have created the work-life balance that I never realised was possible.
This is what I want for you, too. I want to support you to create this life for yourself if that is what you desire. That is why I created Resume Academy® - to share my unique business model that has supported me, and dozens of other Resume Academy® graduates, to do so.

The best part of resume writing as a business service is that it can be as big - or as little - as you need it to be. For the first two years of my business, I worked during maternity leave and then around my full time job, bringing in (on average) between $250-$450 extra income to our family each week. Once I quit my job and went "all in" on Clothier Careers, I quickly scaled to $1000+ and beyond.

Before you start you may have some questions. Here are some that I'm frequently asked.

The short answer to this question is yes, you can. Resume Writing is an unregulated profession, so that means there are no 'minimum' standards for learning or experience. I do not have HR or recruitment experience, and Clothier Careers is a very successful career development service. Through teaching this business model to others for the past 2 years I have realised that we all have valuable life experience that can be applied in this work, and we talk about this a lot in Resume Academy. The things you MUST bring to this work is an ability to communicate really well, an excellent grasp of the English language and a genuine desire to serve your clients and help them in their time of need. The rest, I can teach you!

A laptop or PC and an internet connection is what you will need to access and complete Resume Academy. The sessions are delivered via video and PDF worksheets. To access the exclusive Facebook group, you will need a Facebook profile. 

Honestly, you can start straight away. Module 1 we set up your business and from Module 2 we are learning how to write them. Through this course you have the opportunity to have 3 resumes reviewed and assessed, and I encourage you to use these to gain experience and traction in your business. During the course, I will support you to find your first clients and get the momentum started in your marketing and your business.

I know this isn't a question, but it's something I hear all the time. Some of the most successful business people on this earth have multiple start ups and stops behind them. It has given them the insight that they needed to make the right one work! I can't promise you that this will be the 'one' for you, but I will support you through those limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that tries to stop us from going after our dreams. As part of this course I have shared so much of my own experience in my business journey, and I know you'll find it insightful and resonate with it in a way that will encourage and support you to keep going. 

Resume Writing is a rewarding profession that supports your clients in an important life move.

This work has given me so much satisfaction and joy in helping my clients to find the confidence to apply for jobs, polish up their applications and improve their chances of success. It's powerful, exciting work!

There are many reasons why you might consider resume writing as an option for you, and I'm determined to clear the path for the right people to come into our industry to help their clients.

> You have a genuine desire to serve your clients and help them achieve their goals
> You are ready to create something from the ground up, that complements your lifestyle and creates a flexible income stream
> You want to start a home based business, but MLM is not for you

What awaits you inside Resume Academy®

Let's get you set up

The first step is to set up your business so that you can start putting yourself out there straight away.

How to write a resume - like a Resume Pro

The next step is to teach you the fundamental principles of resume writing, and how you can professionally apply this to write amazing documents for your clients that win them interviews. Resume Pro is the module where we delve into the art and the science of resume writing.

The 5 Step Writing Process

This framework provides a solid structure in your writing approach, ensuring that you don't miss a thing, and creating the most productive and effective writing process for your business.

Sales, Marketing and Branding

This module is focussed on getting your business into the world, so that you can be seen by your clients when they need to invest in your service. We explore how to sell your services in a genuine, non-icky way that creates consistency in booking in clients.

Growing your Business

Once the foundation of your business is set, we want you to grow your client base, your income and your impact. This module focusses on projects that will increase your business presence and your own expertise - including adding new services to your portfolio, learning new skills and networking.

The Resource Vault

This module is jam packed of resources for you to use in your business, including resume and cover letter templates, email templates and tutorials for systems and processes that I use in my business.

Your Teacher

Vicki Clothier

Vicki Clothier is the founder of Resume Writers Australia, teaching technical writing skills and guiding writers to create their dream resume writing business. Teaching from a place of experience and enthusiasm, Vicki has built her career development business from the ground up. Vicki's mission is driven through support and advocacy for start ups who are keen to serve their clients as resume writers in our Australian industry. 

Sarah Carpenter

Professional Certified Resume Writer and Founder of ResumeMe

...Being coached by Vicki was the best thing I did. Not only has my business grown immensely with a regular turnover of clients but I walked away with confidence in my own abilities and realistic expectations of what it means to grow a successful business."

Cortney Prince

Resume Writer and owner of On Point Resumes

I did the Resume Academy and Vicki was an absolutely fantastic teacher. The course had everything that I needed to successfully launch my new business. Vicki is very knowledgable on the topic and very easy to learn from. I can't thank her enough."

Beth Smedley

Resume Academy Graduate

"I did Resume Academy with Vicki and it was an excellent experience. She taught me so much and I felt supported by her the whole time. Vicki is a great teacher and very helpful with anything you ask of her."

Julia Mason-Cameron

Resume Writer, VA & Coach for Start Up Writers

I did Resume Academy with Vicki Clothier ... It is a fantastic course, it really helped me gain more confidence when starting my business. I was also able to grow my writing and administration skills. Vicki is so friendly, helpful and supportive! I couldn’t have started my business without Vicki and Resume Academy!

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